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Steele Arrow Canine Services

Is your dog misbehaving − or simply misunderstood?

Creating a meaningful connection with your dog takes time and dedication. The absence of proper training may hinder your dog’s ability to learn essential skills, making it more difficult for you to understand their behaviour and communicate effectively.

At Steele Arrow, we know dogs are family. That’s why we incorporate basic obedience in all of our services.

Dog Walking • Training • Boarding

Serving SE and SW Calgary

Off-Leash Walks and Pee Breaks

You have a busy day ahead…and suddenly, so does your dog! They won’t be bored socializing, exploring, and exercising with their friends and our professional crew.

Customizable Training Packages

From Puppy Training and beyond, we’ll help eliminate the overwhelm and guide you to raising well-mannered canine citizens and family members.

Boarding at Steele Arrow Home

When your dog stays with us, they’re part of our Steele Arrow family. Rest assured, your pup will enjoy events, socialization, and tons of cuddle time!

At Steele Arrow Canine Services, you aren’t just clients.

You’re part of our family.